Professional Carpet and Rug cleaning throughout Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands & Powys.

Our inspection includes noting carpet and rug type, fibre content and any particular stains that may require individual specialist product treatment. Carpets and rugs are pre-vaccumed to open up the pile and remove soiling.

The majority of carpets can be cleaned with a water extraction system using specialist cleaners that penetrate deep into the carpet pile to breakdown the day to day general soiling. The high powered extraction system removes both the water and soiling leaving carpets clean and to dry rapidly.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Professional Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services throughout Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands & Powys
  • Expert cleaning for your carpets & rugs.
  • Pre-inspection, noting stains requiring specialist treatment.
  • High power water extraction system.
  • Reduced drying time.
  • All solutions are detergent free, leaving no residue.
  • Stain protection to assist with spills and fibre reduction.
  • Deodorizing and sanitising as required.
  • Rugs can be cleaned in situ or taken away and returned.
  • Tim Shaw cleaning since 1997.

This system provides high quality, excellent results. We can also provide natural cleaning options and house dust mite reduction. With our many years experience of professional cleaning we can also offer specialist options for carpets that should not be cleaned with water, for example some types of Belgian Wilton.

We have dry cleaning and powder options plus low moisture systems available. We do not use detergents or shampoos that leave residues behind causing rapid re-soiling. Our carpet cleaning methods not only leave beautiful results but your carpets last longer between cleans.

Stain Protection

Carpet stain protection can be applied to reduce the damaging effects of accidental spills and stains. This assists in fibre wear reduction. A protective coating is applied to fibres, assisting in the prevention of the penetration of fibres by stains. It can also extend the life of fibres for a longer lasting clean. The majority of customers generally have a re-application every few years, this is dependent on fibre type and level of use plus routine cleaning maintenance. Top up applications can be applied to areas of high use as required.


We specialise in the professional cleaning of antique, oriental and modern rugs. Prior to cleaning we inspect the rugs noting any particular stains requiring expert removal and determine the correct cleaning option for the fibre, including tests to determine colour fastness etc. Hand finishing options are available for fringes . Rugs can be cleaned in situ or taken to our workshop to be cleaned and delivered back to your property.