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Pattern Imprinted Concrete

If your pattern imprinted concrete appears white or dull, then it may require cleaning and a new protective coating to be applied. The time scale of renewing protective coatings is obviously dependent upon the quality of existing coating and the degree of wear and tear through weather and usage. Where imprinted concrete is exposed to the elements then over a period of time the extremes of the great British weather can allow damage to occur by the gradual breakdown of the coating. Maintain the appearance of your pattern imprinted concrete with professional cleaning and coating to retain its appearance and assist in the prevention of weeds, moss and algae, in turn maximizing its lifespan and presentation.

Block Paving Cleaning & Sealing

Block paving areas cleaned and re-sanded, this together with the application of new protective coatings will assist in bonding together the paving blocks. Block paving can be sealed using a long lasting polyurethane coating or a less durable acrylic coating. The acrylic coating will require a maintenance plan as with all coatings the extremes of the British weather and general wear and tear will reduce the coating over a period of time, however polyurethane coatings last approximately twice as long. Either coating will assist in the reduction of weeds, moss and algae however total prevention will not occur due to weeds forming in the smallest amount of soiling.

Tarmac Cleaning & Sealing

Tarmac driveways can be cleaned and once dry treated using a specific tarmac coating to assist in maintaining your drive, its appearance and also reducing moss and weeds forming.

Professional Patio Cleaning

The patio is an essential part of the garden and enjoyed mostly from spring through to autumn.

With winter comes the formation of moss and algae and this together with the general day to day soiling can cause stone to discolour. Shaw Clean provide specilaist professional cleaning and coating services for your external stone, ensuring a deep clean and bringing it back to life in appearance. Stone can be coated to help reduce moss and algae and this will also assist in maintaining the stone appearance and extending the life span.

Professional Decking Cleaning

Wooden decking can become dangerously slippery with the British weather conditions causing moss and algae to form. Once the area becomes wet, slips and falls are inevitable.

Using our specialist decking cleaning equipment we can remove the build up of soiling and contaminants, leaving it like new.


After cleaning we advise the surface is treated to help assist with the reduction off moss and algae



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