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Internal Hard Floor Cleaning

  • + Stone & Tile Cleaning

    All surfaces experience the normal day to day build up of general soiling including Stone, Tiles and Grout. You can visibly see the floor surface loose it's shine due to layers of soiling and stains that have built up and can be difficult to remove without professional care.


    Traditional cleaning methods and products can leave a residue on the stone or tile and can reduce protective polishes and seals originally applied. These damaging residues gradually break down  the finish of the floor coating and this in turn increases the soiling, the maintenance costs and loss of appearance of the floor surface.

    At Shaw Clean our specialist hard floor cleaning system employs the use of modern technology, emulsification and pressurised extraction to take the surface back to it's basic element.


    After the appropriate drying period the surfaces are inspected and protective coatings can be applied. We offer various professional high quality coatings and maintenance solutions for your surfaces are inspected and protective coatings can be applied. We offer various professional high quality coatings and maintenance solutions for your surfaces and to match your specific needs. Coatings assist in reducing the normal day to day damaging build up of general soiling, and ensures the beauty of the floor surface for a longer period, in turn reducing long term maintenance costs.

  • + Floor Coatings & Polishing

    Floor surfaces lose their original appearance usually by the coatings gradual degradation of day to day wear or inadequate maintenance. The coatings no longer perform or offer adequate protection and it is necessary to remove their remains by stripping the surface to then provide a base to enable a refinishing process to be completed.


    It requires skill and care to apply floor finishes, we offer various coatings including topical or impregnators to achieve gloss or matt finish to match your desired requirements. Applying these coatings using the correct consistency of application can transform a previously dull surface into a beautiful floor that not only looks fantastic but also offers a good level of protection to maximise it's life and appearance.


    Some polished floors do not require stripping or re-coating if correctly installed and maintained. To enhance the floors maintenance, appearance and to achieve a beautiful professional finish a deep clean is completed with a high speed rotary floor polisher along with specialist graded floor pads.


    Careful consideration is required regarding protection and ongoing maintenance to extend the life of your hard floors. Certain spillages on natural stone will stain almost immediately, but coatings will assist in a more resilient surface and reduce damage from the normal ingress of soiling from everyday use.


    Shaw Clean only use high quality, professional coatings and finishes to provide long lasting protection.

  • + Grout Cleaning, Re-colouring     & Coatings

    Whether it be your Kitchen floor/wall, Bathroom, Wet Room or Steam room you no longer need to replace your stone or tiles and grout following the normal day to day build up of soiling from mould and mildew. You can have a remarkable transformation by professional grout cleaning, re-colouring and protective coatings. Grout variations can occur through loss of grout and then part replacement, this is in addition to general colour discolouration over time, plus stain damage.


    Grout colour coatings can restore the look of the grout appearance to that of being newly applied. As grout is mainly a porous product after a period time it can look discoloured and stained, subject to lime scale or mould bacteria entering the grout pore, plus any silicone sealants originally applied can become black or perished.


    We can replace missing grout, renew silicone and apply a coating after cleaning that will not only provide immediate protection to reduce soiling from bacteria etc, but will also extend its beauty and maintenance, plus creating a healthier environment in your home. We offer availability of various colours to match your requirements and they create an outstanding finish to both floor and wall appearance.


    Following grout cleaning, re-colouring and coating we recommend using neutral cleaners to remove the normal daily soiling only, as they do not break down the coatings, unlike many general household cleaners.

  • + Karndean, Amtico, Vinyl, Marley & Altro Cleaning

    All surfaces experience the normal day to day build up of general soling including Karndean, Amtico, Vinyl etc. You can visibly see the floor surface lose it’s shine due to layers of soiling and stains that build up and can be difficult to remove without professional cleaning. Safety flooring is a high quality vinyl which contains a mixture of abrasives giving the flooring its appearance and provides the slip resistance and durability.


    Some Vinyl floors like Karndean and Amtico are protected with a protective coating or polish, this will in time require professional cleaning and re-coating to assist in maintaining its appearance. General day to day tread usage and cleaning using general household cleaners will dissipate the protective coating over time and allow the wear of the flooring to increase. With professional maintenance this can be avoided and the life expectancy of the floor increased in turn reducing replacement costs.


    Periodic cleaning of Altro and Vinyl etc flooring is essential to maintain its slip resistant qualities and appearance. It is advised all flooring types should be deep cleaned on a regular basis to remove in ground soiling and bacteria, this helps free the floor from contaminants which can increase the wear of the flooring. Floors with protective coatings should be re-coated to maximise their life and appearance.


    Our professional deep cleaning methods are suited to cleaning Altro safety flooring, Amtico, Karndean, Vinyl, Linoleum, Resin Flooring and can restore the performance and appearance of even the most heavily soiled surfaces.

  • + Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration

    There is nothing quite like the beauty and resilience of hard wood flooring, but as with all surfaces they are subject to everyday soiling and wear and will periodically require professional cleaning and coating as part of their maintenance. There are various methods of revitalizing hard wood floors dependent on their condition and how they have been maintained. Shaw Clean offer expert knowledge and professional cleaning, refinishing to assist in prolonging the life and maintenance of your wood floors.


    We offer a free inspection to determine the condition of the floor and then recommend the appropriate service. Professional cleaning and coating will assist in the protection against ingrained soiling which may increase the wear and affect the appearance and the life expectancy of the floor. Our professional cleaning and polishing process removes all accumulated polish and soiling particles and restores your floor back to a revitalised finish.

    Where wood is in good condition with no serious deterioration, we would apply a floor buffering method to abrade the surface along with a specialist solution to remove solution and minor scratches. Once dry the floor is re-inspected and a protective coating applied.


    Where wooden flooring is adequate and only lost its shine due to a build up of soiling, then a surface clean and buff would be recommended. Commercial wooden flooring generally requires floor polish stripping, deep cleaning and re-application of floor polish due to their high usage levels.


    For wooden flooring that has suffered loss of coating or is without coating thereby leaving the wood surface exposed, normal day to day general soiling will start to become ingrained. At this stage it may require repairs to be carried out, including sanding and then an application of re-coating to restore it back to its full beauty.






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