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Stain Removal & Protection

  • + Stain Removal

    We have many years of expertise in stain removal and use only professional, specially developed products, that are designed to break down individual stains. Stain removal can include wine, tea, coffee, blood, urine, indelible ink, dye transfer, pollen, food, head grease etc. We do not recommend the use of household general stain removers as they can seal in stains as well as causing damage to fibres and creating colour loss. Please see our cleaning tips section for advice with regard to accidental spills. We are available for free advice, please call us before tackling stains.

  • + Stain Protection

    Stain protection is applied to soft furnishings to coat fibres. The protector will assist in fibre reduction, reducing wear, meaning your furnishings will last longer. Also protectors reduce the penetration of stains into fibres, meaning that stain removal is easier. There is no stain protection treatment that will prevent the day to day build up of general soiling, however soft furnishings treated with stain protection will last longer between cleans.

  • + Deodorizing & Sanitizing

    Some stains for example urine and blood include bacteria that create odours. Our professional products neutralise the bacteria and in turn the odour. A sanitizer also cleans the area hygienically.

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